High Level After Sales Support


Consulting Services

The after-sales support is an important tool for both clients and our company. In this part of after-sales support can include training on the use of the product, updates for software, scheduled maintenance and most important the various issues that require immediate resolution for the continuing business process.
A client expects a cost-effective and reliable after-sales support service. E&F Software Solutions also rely on client’s satisfaction to maintain business solutions. Without a good after-sales support service, a product can be difficult to sell.


  • Technical Support/Help desk.
  • Customer Support: Includes services that help the customer with the products.
  • The ensuring of the normal flow and execution of the processes of ERP system and POS system.
  • Testing and fixing unexpected errors and issues that may come through the system or human mistake
  • Database maintenance & optimization
  • Provide complete life cycle support from design to implementation to enhancements