How can a solution enable a company to make the right business decisions at the right time, accessing real-time information?

Companies usually face difficulty accessing their data to make informed decisions, let alone in real time and in the best reliable way.

Attikouris Enterprises Ltd was established in 1994 in Limassol, Cyprus as an import, export, wholesale, and distribution company. Today the Company represents locally some of the top and well-reputed manufacturers in the global market.

Though the years, Attikouris Enterprises Ltd, successfully operates based on three pillars: its “customer-centric” approach by offering its customers quality products in competitive prices, its “human-centric” approach by offering its employees a healthy working environment and its ‘’environment-centric’’ approach by providing cleaning and disinfection products which are environment friendly, made from recyclable materials or been highly biodegradable. To continue honoring its values and achieve highest levels of customer and employee satisfaction, Attikouris Enterprises Ltd chose SAP Business One solution.

With SAP Business One Attikouris Enterprises Ltd has one quick and true data source that allows the
Management to be more agile.

Why SAP and VisionSoft

  • Throughout the whole process of implementation the Team of SAP channel partner, Visionsoft, was
    extremely accommodating

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Run its entire business more smoothly.
  • Adapt in current and future market changes.
  • Connect its business functions under one platform.
  • Gain easy and real-time access to data.
  • Make right business decisions at the right time accessing real-time information.
  • Automate its business processes.
  • Achieve business growth.
  • Implement best-practices processes.
  • Align its business needs with the system capabilitie

“SAP Business One solution really fitted every
single part of what we were after and it enables
us to speed up, work more efficiently and save a
lot of business hours.
Additionally the available
scalability secures support of possible future growth”
Costas Attikouris, CEO, Attikouris Enterprises Ltd

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