How can a software solution revolutionize the time needed for critical business reporting?

Companies usually face a huge difficulty to run highly complex and data – intensive analysis, let alone in real time

Dracoudis Aluminium goal since its foundation, in 1972, is to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to the commercial and manufacturing sector. Through the years, the company has established a proven corporate presence in the Cypriot market and its products respond to the economic and high quality standards of its clients. Aiming to achieve better stock optimization as well as get real time analytics for more accurate decisions , Dracoudis Aluminium chose SAP Business One® solution, version for SAP HANA.

Company reports that used to take hours or even days to run, now take only minutes, if not seconds.

With the SAP Business One® solution version for SAP HANA, Dracoudis Aluminium was able to:

  • Advance the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system, to better manage the manufacturing processes
  • Run a single system for transactions and analytics, in just three months
  • Upgrade checks and reports in the area of ATP (available to promise)
  • Use innovative and out-of-the-box applications, like Cash-flow forecasting and pervasive analysis
  • Adopt powerful, interactive analysis reporting tool with six pre-delivered semantic layers
  • Gain pre-delivered dashboards and reports, optimized for SAP HANA
  • Customize and build its own semantic layers, with the SAP HANA studio

“Our investment in SAP Business One® , version for SAP HANA revolutionized all the crucial reporting of our company. Now critical and timely information is available to all our employees, when and where they need it.”

Michalis Dracoudis , General Manager, Dracoudis Aluminium Co Ltd

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