How can a software solution help organize the complexity of a company and its B2B transactions?

Companies usually face a huge difficulty to organize their B2B processes, let alone when the transactions are for more than 20 different entities under the same body.

KPAX Marketing Online Ltd is an interactive online marketing agency, delivering online services in consumer advertising, customer support, customer retention and data analysis. The Company offers its clients a range of interactive marketing solutions that combine a consumer oriented approach to acquisition and retention programs together with sound profit based business models. To better organize the complexity of the company and the process of B2B transactions of more than 20 different entities, the Management chose SAP Business One® solution

SAP solution helps the Team work efficiently and meet demanding project deadlines.

With the SAP Business One® solution KPAX Marketing Online Ltd was able to:

  • Process multi-currency transactions in one Journal
  • Access VAT reporting for different jurisdictions
  • Build bridges for automated transactions
  • Customize reports as per Company’s needs
  • Consolidate different companies / branches under the same account
  • Update currency rates automatically on a daily basis
  • Consolidate Management reports
  • Upload in the system invoices linked to the relevant transaction

“SAP solution helps our company achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity . Now, we have the ability to communicate in real time and request necessary adjustments which support the Management with companies’ reviews. The solution has built for us bridges on which we are able to submit to the system different transactions in one journal. This created for us customized reports for P&L and Balance Sheet as per our company’s needs. ”

Kyriacos Kyriacou, CFO, KPAX Marketing Online Ltd

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